A Comprehensive Program To Relieve Chronic Pain, Improves Mobility And Function

Neurological Physical Therapy (NPPT) specializes in the rehabilitation of patients with neurological impairment due to an injury or disease of the central nervous system. Metro Physical Therapy’s comprehensive care services work one on one with individuals to provide personalized treatment. Inpatient rehab facilities are located in Denver, Colorado; San Diego, California; and Seattle, Washington. NPPT education is provided through a rigorous training program. It takes one year to complete the program.

Neuro-Physical Therapy is a field of medicine that focuses on the rehabilitation of neurological patients with physical disabilities. The patient should have a strong desire to regain full function of their body or be suffering from the debilitating consequences of an injury or illness. Physical Therapy focuses on rehabilitation and maintenance of mobility, strength, and range of motion for neurological impairments.

The physical therapy helps the patient achieve balance and joint motion, improves strength, and provides flexibility training. This type of rehabilitation has been proven successful in helping patients with all types of injury. These rehabilitative exercises will improve the patients balance and coordination. Physical therapists also provide rehabilitation of neurological impairments such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, stroke and spinal cord injuries.

For more information about Metro Physical Therapy, contact them directly. They are located throughout the United States and Canada.

This medical specialty is one of few that provides a comprehensive program that incorporates rehabilitation, exercise, nutritional counseling, and psychiatric care. This treatment focuses on relieving pain and promoting normal range of motion, as well as reducing neurological disability.

Neuro-educational Physical Therapy (NPPT) is one of only a few medical Specialties that provide comprehensive rehabilitation, physical therapy and post-rehabilitation services. Their primary goal is to relieve chronic pain, restore muscle strength and improve range of motion and motor function. This specialized care program can be highly effective in increasing functional independence.

Neuro-educational Physical Therapy was created to alleviate chronic pain and improve motor function in patients. It uses a multidisciplinary approach that combines pain management techniques, massage, exercise and nutritional counseling. This treatment program provides an individualized program to address specific needs that will improve pain control, mobility, and function.

Rehabilitation programs focus on providing a patient with an ongoing support network that includes support groups, medications, exercise, nutrition, physical therapy, and psychiatric support. The program offers an assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of any condition that may have resulted from an injury or illness.

These medical specialists provide a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses the root cause of the pain and helps the patient regain function and mobility. Neuro-Physical Therapy provides a comprehensive program to improve the physical health and function of patients suffering from neurological impairments.

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