Metro Physiotherapy – An Overview

A Neurologically-trained physical therapy specialist primarily works with patients with spinal cord injury or neurophysiologic disease related to neurological dysfunction. The skilled care services provided by Metro Physical Therapy’s highly specialized treatment centers work one on one with patients to provide specialized intervention for neurological issues. There are three levels of diagnosis and treatment available from Metro Physical Therapy.

One level of diagnostic work is performed by neurologically trained neurological, physical therapy specialists who perform Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans. Once MRI scans show potential signs or symptoms of neurological disease, the specialist will then conduct physical and occupational tests, imaging studies, and laboratory tests to establish a diagnosis and therapeutic protocol. This diagnostic phase of treatment typically lasts one month or less. The physical therapy specialist may also recommend the need for surgical procedures in conjunction with neurological diagnosis, depending on the severity of symptoms and the extent of neurological dysfunction.

Two levels of treatment, including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, and physical therapy specialists, work together to provide complementary treatments and rehabilitation to patients with neurological issues. Occupational therapy and speech and language therapy are used to help patients with language problems, muscular restrictions, sensory issues, and cognitive impairments. Occupational therapy assists with daily tasks such as dressing and bathing, meal preparation and cleanup, dressing and hygiene, and using appliances. Speech and language therapy assists patients with impairments of speech production, language processing and retention, communication skills, and physical abilities.

Physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapy, and physical therapy specialists work in conjunction with neurological evaluations and treatment. Physiotherapists and occupational therapists can assist in relieving the patient of pain, stiffness, swelling, bruising, inflammation, edema, and loss of mobility and use while using manual or power equipment. Speech and language therapy addresses speech and language problems, speech production disorders, and the development of language for children and adults.

Once neurological evaluation, testing, treatment, and rehabilitation has been completed, the medical practitioner may decide to refer the patient to Metro Neurological Physical Therapy for a more comprehensive assessment and treatment program. Once the patient is assessed and treated, the patient is given a personalized assessment, therapy, medications, and treatments to address specific needs.

Metro Neurological Physical Therapy is an accredited facility of St. Vincent’s Hospital in Austin, Texas. This facility was founded in 1966 by Dr. Richard G. Leman. Metro Physiotherapy is a nationally recognized institution that is committed to providing superior neurological care.

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