How to Do Garage Spring Repair Yourself

Replacing a garage spring should be performed after the age of 60 to decrease the chance of injury due to overworked springs. Although professional repair services can be quite expensive, there are ways to perform garage spring repair on your own. Replacing a garage spring by oneself can easily cost between $ 200 and $ 300 for an average homeowner, while contracting out a professional may easily cost as much as one to two thousand dollars. Depending on the type and cost of the garage spring involved, the repair costs can vary greatly. For example, replacing a single garage spring can be a few hundred dollars, while hiring garage spring installation services to install several springs at once can easily increase that cost by several thousand dollars.

The most common type of garage door springs is the tension system spring. This spring aids in lifting the door up and down, and is usually made up of iron or steel bar. The design of this spring makes it very strong and durable. If a large amount of weight is placed upon it for extended periods of time (such as when opening and closing the door), the tension system spring will eventually wear out and break. If you have a manual garage gate, the tension system spring may not need replacement until the gate is used for several years, as the new tension system will stretch and wear out over time.

When a professional garage door’s service is called in, instead of a single spring being replaced, two to four springs are typically replaced in a typical garage doors setup. This setup allows the garage door’s service to loosen the bolts holding the springs in place, allowing them to be replaced without disturbing any further parts of the garage doors. Garage doors services are also trained to know where each bolt is located so they can replace only those bolts that need replacing. Since it is not possible to tell which garage door springs are going to break first, garage doors service are also trained to wait until all doors are open before checking for wear or signs of wear and tear in any of the springs.

Even though it may take longer for garage door spring repair to fix your garage door opener, your safety should always be your priority. Any garage doors that are extension springs will pull on the bottom of the door, potentially ripping the springs from their shafts. It would be extremely dangerous to have one of these springs break because it could cause the door to fall down and become stuck on the floor, causing injuries.

Garage door springs can be replaced individually; however, in many cases, there will need to be a total overhaul of the system. Most garage doors will come with a specific guide telling you how to replace the springs using a particular spanner wrench. There are also a number of special tools that will allow you to replace the springs yourself; however, if you are not confident working with the equipment, it is strongly recommended that you use the services of a garage doors specialist. Springs are a fairly easy component to repair, but a specialist is best able to make sure that they are installed correctly to ensure that your replacement springs function as safely as possible.

When looking at purchasing new springs, you should make sure that they are made from materials that are strong enough to support the weight of the garage door. You should also pay close attention to the tension of the spring and make sure it has been properly tested. It is important to remember that the spring tension is usually in line with the overall tension of the entire system; the more tension the system has, the weaker the individual components will be. If you have an extremely weak spring, it could mean that there are dangerous issues with the tension, so it is important to get this aspect of garage door service properly tested and maintained.

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