Crystal Diamond and NeomiMartinez-Parra Run For New Mexico New Assembly District 35

NeomiMartinez-Parra and her husband Joe Parra are running for reelection to the New Mexico State Assembly on November 3, 2020. Crystal Diamond came in second in the Democratic Primary for New Mexico’s state assembly district 35 on May 15th. The Parras have been married for over 30 years and have four children.

NeomiMartinez-Parra grew up in a rural area and she said that her first exposure to politics was when her father, former state Rep. Joe Parra ran for state Rep. Districts 3 and 7. She has participated in local politics in her hometown since then and has helped her husband in their political endeavors. “The time I’ve spent on local campaigns has been very beneficial,” she told the New Mexican.

The couple has decided that it is time to seek a higher office in New Mexico. According to their statement to the New Mexican, they want to make sure that they will be a voice for the residents of the New Mexico state legislature. They also want to make sure that they can serve the residents of New Mexico and make an impact on how people live. They believe that their background and their experience as parents will help them do this.

Noemi Martinez-Parras said that she wants to ensure that her constituents are represented by an honest and ethical representative. She is concerned about the state’s financial situation and said that a person who knows what they are doing in the state house will be better able to make decisions that will benefit the people. She said that her first priority as a New Mexico state representative will be to ensure that she will continue to work for the best interest of the residents of her district. She wants to make sure that she represents their views and concerns.

Crystal Heart told the New Mexican that she plans to speak with the Democratic Party about her candidacy for state representative. The Crystal Portrait’s husband, Joe Parra, said that he will be working for her if elected. “I think she can do good for the people,” he told the New Mexican. “We feel that we have been given a gift to represent our community. We’re going to do our part.”

“Naomi and Joe are both very good candidates for state representative,” said the Democratic Party of New Mexico Executive Director, Steve Martin. “They come from a strong family history of politics and have the potential to bring new energy and enthusiasm to state politics.”

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